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help with utility bills

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wendy46   in reply to CLAUDIA1939   on


ugi in milton pa,17847 shut my heat off when i have 2 young grandaughters living in my house i turned everywhere and no one will help me,i need help its getting colder and i need 1,700,to get it turned back on
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wendy46   in reply to CLAUDIA1939   on



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Summer i live in scottsdale AZ. Mother of three boys single mom my gas has been

Summer i live in scottsdale AZ. Mother of three boys single mom my gas has been disconnected o recently lost my job i get no child support and the cold months are approachingmy gas bill is approxoately $350... in order to get cut back om by southwest gasi only have texting unless its after nine pm. I need help getting my gas cut back on thank uoi summet
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Please include your NAME, CITY and STATE, AREA CODE and PHONE NUMBER, TYPE OF NEED and

Please include your NAME, CITY and STATE, AREA CODE and PHONE NUMBER, TYPE
OF NEED and any ADDITIONAL INFORMATION you'd like to provide describing
your need.  Thanks! My name Is Wendy Fontaine I live in Fall River
Massachusetts 02721 My phone number is  I am single mother
with disabilities, I have major panic disorder,aghorophobia, Ptsd and major
depression, I get a monthly check one check just about pays my rent and my
sons survivor benefit is suppose to pay any other things we both need,i
have had my gas shut off since the end of june,ive called every resource
and have gotten nowhere,im looking for some help to get my gas turned back
on,i also hear how single people get almost 200 in food stamps and are on
section8 ,im a single mother i get 69dollars a month for food and pay
650.00 for rent,and ive heard of quite a bit of single people getting
this,it really upsets me,i would appreciate some help getting my gas turned
back on,please get back to me ,Thank You
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Need help

Need help
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tanishalights   in reply to ArensRae   on

I just got a new place and my land lord says I HAVE to go throw a certen electric company,

Im a disable parent 35yrs old two kids we are in danger of loose are place due to pge cut off please help us 600$pge bill in my name has to be paid do any one no who can help my daughter has post tramatic. Stress shes panicking in the dark im so sorry for my babies. I ha a stroke can't. Work
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I just got a new place and my land lord says I HAVE to go throw a certen electric company,

I just got a new place and my land lord says I HAVE to go throw a certen electric company, but they want a down payment of over $200 to even turn it on and I don't have that kind of money and I NEED my electric turned on. I'm 4 months pregnant and most of my money is going towards doctors bc my health insurence hasn't kicked in yet. Does anyone know who can help me get my electric turned on. Maybe a church or something like that bc I have no clue.. PLEASE HELP!!!!
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Hello yes I am heart surgery where I am to receive a heart pump. I will be unable to pay

Hello yes I am heart surgery where I am to receive a heart pump. I will be unable to pay for water I have claim in for electric sinc I have a defibilator I may get some help. Everywhere I turn they say we may be. able to help when you get your shut off notice. However I may be in the Hospital at that time and it won't be in my home state.
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h anell o I need help pay my SMUD and PG&E bills got turned off today. I'm sitting in my

h anell o I need help pay my SMUD and PG&E bills got turned off today. I'm sitting in my apartment with my two boyshoping to find some body that can help we were three months behind do too husband having difficulties at workthey were cutting hours and he happened to be one of the workers that got hrs cut. I'm not asking for anybody to solve my problems I'm willing to go clean your house take care of your kids anything to earn enough to pay my bill today it's 77 degrees send is going to get hotter my boys (1&3) are the most important thing and I dont want them to have to suffer it is hot apartments and it now it's the waiting game to see if my &_e will also get turned off today
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Its less than 2 weeks from Christmas. My children and I were planning to decorate tree

Its less than 2 weeks from Christmas. My children and I were planning to decorate tree last night. We did not have one last year, divorce. And they cut the power. I gave them a large chunk (600) last month but forgot the payment due a few days ago for installment. So now I have to come up with 800 bucks to get out of the dark. We have no heat and the car was frozen this morning. No christmas lights and the younger kids are 13,10.and 7. (my bill has gotten high from letting people stay in a large room above garage, with space heaters, 3 times but 2 of them the county was supposed to give me vouchers for pge while I helped these people get on their feet, But I ended up with huge bills.)

I dont want a free ride from pge but I gave them 650 last month, how about another chance to give them 300? I can do that, I mean barely, but we have to get lights and heat on. I am not asking for anyone to pay it for me.

This is scary. I just realized that PGandE is almost more important to us than our government, which we "vote" on. And WHO are they that can come and unplug your fridge, and cause your food to rot. Unplug your home, which for heat and light brings SO MANY MORE HAZARDS when people use candles, propane and heaters and such indoors. Especially right here at the longest darkness, the coldest they can just disrupt a families life over amounts that arent keeping them from paying out their christmas bonuses. This should be regulated better. They should HAVE to accept an amount, a percentage of total due, perhaps on a sliding scale.

I think I want to go off grid, solar power, hand power, Ill build a waterfall in my yard and go water powered. Anything not to give these GRINCHES any more of my money!!
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myndi   in reply to helpless in mo   on

To whom it may concern: I need someone to give me some serious advice. Laclede has

call the better business buruea and report it to them they will help.they cannot refuse payment from anyone or your bill can be thrown out.tell them and show them proof that they tried to pay and they should help. so sorry for your trouble.i had a similiar situation with electric company.and now my gas company sends a shut off notice for every bill. it was only 88.66 this month whole bill no late fees or previous balance and it came as a shut of notice.good luck honey
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helpless in mo  

To whom it may concern: I need someone to give me some serious advice. Laclede has

To whom it may concern:

I need someone to give me some serious advice. Laclede has hurt me and my family long enough. I have not done this sooner because I have no money for a lawyer. This company is trying to make me pay them $4000 for service that they are lying in verification about. I have dealt with this issue for years and it is so wrong what they are doing. I feel that because they are the only gas company in this area they do this to get over because they just can… Here is my story…
2005 I lived at 3441 Oregon Ave. I argued with Laclede because they charged me $400-$800 each month for gas service and could not tell me why my bill was so high. A mansion’s bill wouldn’t even be that high. I stayed in a duplex. I would call and try to get some understanding but I got nothing but nasty attitudes and agents hanging up on me because they feel I was too irate and they don’t have to help me. I go downtown to their office and get the same attitude and then when I go off, they escort me out with police! I had to move with family after this! I was on Section 8 and due to the fact that they cut me off and I couldn’t afford to pay that amount, Section 8 kicked me off!
Then in 2006 I lived at 3624 Tennessee av. I had services cut on. They transferred over $2000 to my new address and would not help me as far as figuring out why it was even that high… I let it go because I didn’t want to get hung up on or denied service, I have children to think about. I lived here for not even a year, but the say I accumulated $1500 in my time there due to the fact that I so called stole gas from Laclede at some point between this address and the last address, in which is not true. Now I am irate again. Of course they hung up on me and left me out to dry… I moved… From 2007-2008 I chose to not deal with the gas company at all because they were playing me. But I would call to try to resolve this issue from time to time because it is not fair what they have done to me. At one point they finally had me fill out a fraudulent packet for investigation. I have yet to hear ANY of those results. Heck, who’s to say they even processed it, So When I moved to 2035 Jannette Dr. I tried to just go along with it and get an agency to pay my bill. CAASTLC agreed to help me get cut on. Almost a month went past and I was not on yet. I called the agency and they said that Laclede turned away their funds because I stole gas from them so they wanted the money from me personally! WHAT??????!!!!!! How dare they?! I had to pay to convert the whole house to electric in order to live there. Not to mention I am back on Section 8. I wasn’t going to let them screw me again. So I ended up having to move a few years later because the house was unsanitary and the landlord wouldn’t fix that….
Now here came 2011 I moved to my new place. I had no choice because it was all last minute and Section 8 only allows you a certain amount of time to use your voucher, besides I needed to get my children back on schedule with school and etc. I have gas heat, water and appliances. I had to cut gas on again; I still had over $3000 past billed in my name, $3446.00 to be more accurate. No one has been able to help me yet after all this time. I have no job, so I don’t know how in the world they expect me to make a payment of $500+ per month to them and pay all of my other bills too but I tried to play it smart this time. Since I can’t get any help from a lawyer or whatever, I will try to just work this thing out. So I paid and when the summer came, I knew I couldn’t afford it, so I sent my kids away for the summer and called Laclede and asked them… ‘I don’t have the money to pay you all right now after this month so if I had you cut it off and save up some money, could I get it cut back on at the beginning of the school year when my kids get home with no problems?’ The woman told me yes. So I did and by the end of the summer, I call them to restore my services and here we go again… I had to pay either the whole past due balance or have an agency help me with a pledge because the information the last woman had given me was misinformation. WOW! I did what they asked but then I lost my job while still under the cold whether rule. 1/9/13 they cut me off again!!!! And the woman tells me that they don’t have to honor this rule up to 3/31 if they chose not to! Now say I have to pay $2500 to be cut back on and they cannot lower it at all. I explained the situation from beginning to end to a supervisor. How am I to deal with this? He say that they took off the back amount that was from me stealing gas, so how is my bill still over $3000? I haven’t been here for more than a year in which 4-5 of those months it was off. He says that $1800 is from Oregon and the rest is from Tennessee, how does one accumulate that much gas without them cutting you off in the first place? They never would have let me stay on with a bill that high. They are lying and it is completely unfair to me. Obviously they still charging me and just wrote another excuse for the amount owed. I have no job, no extra money and a sickly child with nowhere else to go… How do I go about dealing with this issue?
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J lewis   in reply to jummpyjazz   on

pay bills

because they have a outstanding bill......same just happened to me which is why im looking on this site.
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very stressed wife  

we despertly need helpwith paying our bills my husbad got replaced at from getting hurton

we despertly need helpwith paying our bills my husbad got replaced at from getting hurton the job and staying out of work to long (i am not sure what the whole story is and i dont want to get involved in the story) but right now hhe is looking for a job and he got denied unemplloyment beniifits and me being his supportted wife i had about 1 to 2 yrs ago a single bypass open heart sugery and cannot have any stress factors in my life also i have very bad asthma and when he had inssurace i went to the hospital very frequently,also i have very bad allergies and very bd migraines and highbloodpressure and i get upset very easy so you might say that i have an upset disorder and my husband has diabietes and we dont have any money wht so ever for food or money to pay our bills and cps and kirby water and the phone company will not hesitate to turn the stuff off we so vey despertly need emerrgenncy help right away and we cannot afford to pay the money back, if yall or someone there find it in yall godlly and spititally hearts to depertly help us becuse our bills are comming up really quiickand i have a machine that i take my inhalent medicine with that requires electricity and sometimes i have to use oxygen to get my normal breathing back in control so pleaase help us our sources have run out we hve asked family members and that is exhausted and friends this to isexhausted and now we are very stuuck in the corner financilly please help us ths is our first home and we dont want to lose it and our house payments are out the window!!1 our only contact number is our homephonne that is 210--310-2275 also if someone can come to our home and help us because we have no gas money to go any where we live at 5427 eclipse kirby texas 78219 weso very despertly need yaalls help right away this is a very emergency plea and cry for desperation help!!!!!!!!!!!!! my name is margaret r krupalla and my husbands name is keith d krupalla i am 49 yrs old just turned 49 this june the 8 if thiis year my year year birth is 1963, and on june 19 of this year my husband birth year is 1966 he is a licesened ac and heat tech and i am a busy housewife trying to keep our house clean and neat i am asking for both of us for finanncial desspertly help he willnot ask because of his "P-R-I-D-E" IF HE ASK FOR FINANCIAL HELP HE FEELS LIKE HE IS USELESS NOT WORTH ANNYTHING AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! so you can see the very despert dilima we are in pleaase help us so very soon and in emerrgeency factor please i am sorry for repeating myself but i am very very very very worried about this wholle ordeal and like i sAID IAM NOT SUPPOSE to have ny worries or stress or i will end up the heart hospital again and this time i may not make it out allive beause of all of this stress factors
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Incorrect Uatility bill

How do I dispute my utility bill ?
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help cant pay bills

i really need help with my utility bills, im ill my son works at a fast food and is a part time student. i am going to have no gas or electric what can i do
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pay bills

why do i have to pay for the old owners bill before i can put utilities in my name
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maggielynn1   in reply to Skywalker79sith   on

help with utillities

My goodness such meanness I will pray for your spirit.
Who taught you such venemon?Was it family were you adopted?Or as I'm thinking just plain mean.Shame on you for you have no idea what compassion for others are.Bet you have alot of friends too.Once they get the gag in your mouth.Maggie May
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help with utillities

Hi I am a single mother living in Oakland Ca who is currently without electricity. I am on section 8 (which is a low income housing program)
and during the holidays my power got shut off,I made arraignments but could not keep them with xmas and rent and a huge vet bill (we had to put our 11yr old dog down) and my daughters b-day 2weeks after xmas needless to say we fell on a tough time.So I decided to seek out all this "help" with my PG&E,Now I googled it and every single place that advertised help for "low income" families that I managed to actually get through to was NOT for "low income" families.To be eligible you had to be a "senior"or "disabled" or collecting social security! After spending hours on the phone I was PISSED off.These places that say "low income" need to advertise "help for low income seniors or low income people with disabilities" It's a joke a bunch of bullshit,there is no help for single mothers.It's very misleading.There is programs in Berkeley and San Fransisco but not Oakland? Bullshit
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